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The strength of the company that distinguishing us among tough competition is our machinery stock in the pressing and tooling departments, which exerts impact on low and competitive production costs. Continually modernized pressing department is equipped with, among others, HELMERDING progressive presses from 160T to 400T, MINSTER presses 100T, 400T and 600T, a 600T BLOW press and traditional presses from 25T to 250T. In order to increase the production capacity of our company in the production process, we can use supporting machines, such as welding robots, fusion welding robots, vibration barrels and a cleaning machine. Furthermore, we are also able to mould the elements of windshield wipers on an especially adjusted automatic Mx339 line.


No. Manufacturer Model Technology Quantity Force Stroke [mm] RAM SIZE
[T] min. max. [mm x mm]
1. HELMERDING KDH160T progressive 1 160T 20 130 900x1500
2. HELMERDING KDH160T progressive 1 160T 20 130 900x1500
3. HELMERDING KDH250T progressive 1 250T 40 200 1100x2000
4. HELMERDING KDH400T progressive 1 400T 80 300 1100x2500
5. MINSTER MIN100T progressive 1 100T 120 600x1000
6. MINSTER MIN400T progressive 1 400T 200 1200x2400
7. LEN LEN25 traditional 1 25T 8 85 430x560
8. LENA LEN25 traditional 1 25T 12 80 430x560
9. SMERAL LE250T traditional 1 250T 30 140 730x1100
10. BLOW BL600T progressive 1 600T 355 1370x3600
11. NIAGARA SE2-300-84-48-UH progressive 1 330T 203 1220x2120
12. NIAGARA BP2-500-120-60 progressive 1 500T 305 1530x3050
13. MINSTER E2-600-144 progressive 1 600T 355 3650x1520
14. NIAGARA SE2-400-96-54UH progressive 1 400T 305 2440x1370

Panorama pressshop

Pressing Department


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Tool Room Department


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Welding and Fusion Welding Department